Seraphon Thunderbeast Host


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Tales are told in the Mortal Realms of a race of saurian warriors who live amongst the stars. The origins of the seraphon are lost to ancient mists of time, but it is said in hushed tones that they had already sailed across the heavens for countless aeons when the Age of Myth began. Legends speak of a mighty empire, far above the light of Sigendil - the place where the seraphon dwell, awaiting the beckoning call of the Starmasters. According to these stories, the saurian warriors are driven by an intense hatred of Chaos - and indeed, heralded by a blazing light, as embers cast forth from flame, an Azyrite manifestation approaches…

This fantastic bundle - the Thunderbeast Host - is the perfect way to start off a collection of seraphon, or bolster the armies you already own! In it, you’ll receive a Stegadon - a gigantic lumbering beast that shrugs off enemy attacks with its thick hide; an Engine of the Gods - a Stegadon carrying a terrifying war machine capable of destroying entire armies; a Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur - a mighty war leader riding a brutal saurian creature whose maw is feared rightly by all; and three Terradon Riders - skyborne soldiers of the slann who hurl down javelins with deadly accuracy (these can also be assembled as Ripperdactyl Riders, who strafe the ground impaling enemies on fearsome spears). Six awesome saurian kits!