Farsight Enclaves (2nd Ed) (EN)


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The Tau are a new force in the galaxy, optimistic and bright. Yet even they have their dark secrets. When the Warrior hero Farsight conquered the worlds of the Damocles Gulf, he learned forbidden truths that would divide the Tau Empire forever.

This revised and updated supplement to Codex: Tau Empire allows you to tailor your collection of Tau miniatures into a force from the Farsight Enclaves, armed to the teeth and ready for battle.

Included in this 80-page softback book:

– A comprehensive account of the rise of Commander Farsight, his defection from the Tau Empire and the establishment of the Farsight Enclaves;

– Several formations from Kauyon and Mont’ka, along with Farsight Enclaves Tactical Objectives, Warlord Traits and Signature Systems;

– Three Farsight Enclaves Altar of War missions;

– Updated photography and uniform guides.